D.J. Tech inc.

The Team

Our production team is made up of design draftsmen, machining centre programmers, mold makers/operators, and operators specialized in the injection molding field.

Denis Jacques
President and Co-owner
Machining Technician

Pascal Lessard
Production Manager, Design Draftsman, and Co-owner
Mechanical Engineering Technician, CAD, CAM

Patrick Vallerand
Design Draftsman
Plastics Processing Technician

France Turgeon
Administrative Assistant

The team

D.J. Tech inc.

1980, Notre-Dame Est
Thetford Mines (Quebec)
Canada G6G 2W2
Phone : (418) 334-0002
Fax : (418) 332-3517
E-mail : info@usinagedjtech.com
Website : www.usinagedjtech.com
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Thursday, April 09, 2020
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